Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This is why you're fat.

This is why you're fat. A blog, much like this one, but there is something a little different going on over there. They post pictures of the fattiest foods I think I may have ever seen in my entire life. And I like to think that I've seen some things.

I start with what they call "The Hamdog". My brother Erik has actually eaten one of these, I saw the pictures to prove it, and he loved it. I think he actually eats one every year. Now, he is not fat but he is a pot smoking hippie so I think that explains a lot. Love you brother!

This beauty is called a "Turbaconucken". I know we've heard of a Turducken, but this...this is innovative and extremely exciting. It's a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey, all wrapped in bacon. ALL WRAPPED IN BACON. You heard me.

It's the size of this one that, like Arthea Franklin, demands respect. It's a Giant Breakfast Burrito. A seven pound breakfast burrito stuffed with potatoes, eggs, onions, and ham bits, lots of cheese on top and smothered in red chile. R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Chris, I know how you feel about mayo but how to you feel about Baconnaise? Maybe you could try it and see where that takes us ;D

Corn Dog Pizza. You're thinking about eating this right now aren't you?

And I'll end with this. This is a French Fry-Encased Hot Dog On A Stick. Every 7 year old's dream. Or just a fatty's dream.


  1. I was just looking at that blog! And here it is. Great minds think alike.

  2. I'm not sure if I should throw up or go eat fried food...

  3. I've got to say that this is the best blog written on here. Its super funny, has lots of pictures and great commentary.