Thursday, February 5, 2009

I thought that's what Jesus was for...?

Best Week Ever is on point today. They posted this link for the Passion For Christ Movement, a Los Angeles-based youth-targeting religious organization. They sell the following as a part of their ministry:

"There are things in our culture that are deceiving us, but we think that it is good because of two primary reasons: 1) it's pleasurable to us for a season, or 2) because the majority of people are doing it and therefore we don't believe God when He says it's wicked. In actuality, however, these sins are fattening us up for the slaughter of God's wrath."

Now, I don't think that their message of hate will do anyone any good but these shirts are effing incredible!


  1. I should probably bite the bullet and get the ex-homo one, huh?

  2. That would make Thanksgiving AWESOME! Or we could also make our own variants... Ex-Analsexgiver, etc. Ex-Blowjobaddict. That kind of stuff.

    PS: Why are all the t-shirt models women of color?

    PPS: And isn't masturbation preferable to pre-marital sex anyway? What gives?