Wednesday, January 28, 2009

too early for a mid-life crisis?

I have an opportunity to buy a [single-owner, low milage, stock] 1965 Ford Mustang Coup for ridiculously cheap... What do you guys think? Is it cool?


  1. Sorry man, the answer is actually, yes, it is cool. Its really fucking cool. And you could probably get a whole bunch of pussy if you had it. You might even paint "pussy mobile" on the side, with a cat or something. But the fact is, you don't need two cars living in the bay area!

  2. And if you did have 2 cars in the Bay Area one definitly would not need to be a mustang.

  3. Talk to my therapist. It was his idea. Last time I checked, none of us were doctors. So... I'll listen to the doctor. Thanks for nothin' guys...