Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another Reason Stanfurd SUCKS!

So I read today that Condoleezza Rice is going back to Leland Stanfurd Junior University to "teach" now that the nation no longer needs her "service." (Apparently the NFL didn't want her...?) Hilarity ensued on the forum that broke the story. Comments included:

"At one of her morning briefings at the Hoover Institute, there will be a memo that states, 'Cal Bears determined to attack Stanford.' And she will ignore it."


It should also be pointed out that Rice's return to Stanfurd (where she'll join fellow nefarious character Donald Rumsfeld) signals that the 2nd or 3rd best school on the West Coast has officially transitioned into something more than just THE college destination of choice for over-privileged trust-fund babies from Orange County/High School Musical.

Now, with the addition of the Former Secretary to the faculty, the Farm has undoubtedly become the softest place in America for war criminals from the Bush administration to land their golden parachutes! Good for you Stanfurd: Hoover, Rummy, and Condi. That's quite a crew. Can we offer you law professor John Yoo to complete the set?


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