Monday, January 12, 2009

Road Music

I found this CD in my mom's CD collection. She drives big rigs cross country. This CD looks AMAZING!

Edit: Tracklisting for Petals...

1. Teddy Bear
2. Six Days on the Road
3. Girl on the Billboard
4. Passing Zone Blues
5. Truck Driving Son of a Gun
6. Convoy
7. Give Me Forty Acres to Turn This Rig Around
8. White Knight
9. Looking at the World Through a Windshield
10. Giddyup Go Answer
11. Truck Drivin' Queen
12. Giddyup Go
13. Endless Black Ribbon
14. C.B. Savage
15. Truck Drivin' Man
16. Overloaded Diesel
17. Pinball Machine
18. Phantom 309
19. Truck Driver's Prayer
20. How Fast Them Trucks Can Go
21. Widowmaker
22. Little Joe
23.Freightliner Fever


  1. There is no reason our record couldn't look like this... But hand made!